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materialism is the saddest thing on earth; it is living in denial of the things important in life. aren’t we just all lost souls, without a path to go on? inevitably, people are on different levels of spiritual (and no, I am not a specialist on this subject) acceptance. Some people live in a world […]


do you have troubles? are you feeling stressed? best remedy: liberating song. simply thank that is all around you. appreciate life itself. there are many. it takes 5 minutes, but it can help a lifetime. Hey, you never know. Like Confucius had said before, the most noble is self reflection. How else are you gonna figure out what life […]

Modest Mouse – World At Large love this song. what more could you ask for? Lyrics, melody, voice, uniqueness, overall package. And, whoa, the EPIC classical music? and the melody?! AWESOME song. And hey, it also says something about life. it’s a song that makes you think, but sometimes the catchy melody just takes over… […]