materialism is the saddest thing on earth; it is living in denial of the things important in life.

aren’t we just all lost souls, without a path to go on?

inevitably, people are on different levels of spiritual (and no, I am not a specialist on this subject) acceptance. Some people live in a world of materialism; some people value materialism and let it go once in a while, and some people almost completely disregard materialistic joy.

is that wrong? is that right? what is right? what is wrong?

Writing from a scientific – maybe not even wholly – point of view, the fittest survive. And the “survival of the fittest” is defined by the criteria of who can live the longest and have the most successful reproductive rates.

isn’t that our purpose too? NO.

that is not our full purpose, because we have BRAINS. We think and that can rightfully balance out our animalistic instincts. “Brain” has the connotation of logic, but more importantly, it includes emotional intelligence.

what is the point of living? We don’t know, because we are different from other creatures, but not that much different – but different enough to set us apart from the paths other animals have to take.

the world is so varied with different types of people who think and look different. No one can fully mirror our own philosophies, because what IS common in all of us is our emotions.

Ha, we are just creatures without real purpose who are trying to occupy ourselves with useless things such as the internet and business endeavors in order to survive. Now, the survival of the fittest is indirectly based on who can manipulate the other the best and who can recieve the most benefits using the most brutal methods.

It’s sick. It’s a sick cycle. We are stuck in thinking that if we don’t get the prize, others will. That is true, but sometimes we have so little faith that we are so ruthless, and all for WHAT?! to achieve the status of having the most power and money in the world?! WHY? so it FEELS good? How? That is living in fear, and to get rid of that fear, people often hurt others even more.

The universe is inevitably steering toward a direction with more and more disorder, but just like a room that can be cleaned, our actions can be fixed and our thoughts could be directed toward loving and giving.

I found out that happiness is not something that hard to achieve, let alone only through tons of money. Good attitude is key, but good morals are even more important.

It’s never to late to go back. It’s is never ever too late. There is always less people you can hurt.



do you have troubles? are you feeling stressed?

best remedy: liberating song. simply thank that is all around you. appreciate life itself.

there are many. it takes 5 minutes, but it can help a lifetime. Hey, you never know. Like Confucius had said before, the most noble is self reflection. How else are you gonna figure out what life is all about if you don’t THINK about for yourself?

Modest Mouse – World At Large

love this song. what more could you ask for? Lyrics, melody, voice, uniqueness, overall package. And, whoa, the EPIC classical music? and the melody?!

AWESOME song. And hey, it also says something about life. it’s a song that makes you think, but sometimes the catchy melody just takes over… which I don’ t mind at all.

it’s been stuck in my head for… a while. (:


Don’t be too selfish, for it serves no real purpose.



face yourself.

don’t like it?

fix it.

extinguishing that quality now is better than being afraid of it for the rest of your life.

Ha, I should follow this myself first.

my music stand

I like to get analytical. (:  So, I want to lay out the pros and cons of listening to music, because I love music!

you know…

.. that high you get from a song?

.. that smile that gets wider from every second of listening to a song?

.. that connection you feel to the writer and singer of the song, as if the song were written just for you?

Music has so many pros, but I feel like sometimes it’s a big distractions. Eh, maybe it’s just me…THAT’S ABOUT IT! All the cons have been said. Ha. Now for the pros. I would guess people answered yes for most of the questions above and that is exactly WHY I love music.

However, music and I have a love-hate relationship. I am a big music lover. Hands down. Most of you guys probably don’t know how much of my life is music and the big reason is my childish desire to escape from my duties, as a student. It’s almost as if I purposely immerse myself in music and try to feel for it, try to understand it, and mostly, try to drown myself in another’s emotions. I admit, it is not the best thing to do, but what can you do? IT’S MUSIC for heaven sakes. I know that I am hopelessly dependent on music, and although this steers towards the more extreme side, I believe this is true for all self-called “music die-hards.”

But then, the power of music then really emerges. Nothing else can draw me so far away from what I have to do like how music can take me to the skies. I am trying to escape, but aren’t we all? It’s inevitable. So, I am glad that music is something that has the actual power to take me to a safe haven, where all I know is the music, the voice, and the story.

That’s another thing about music, finding good music can open up the our relationship to ourself and the people around us. Of course, music taste goes through stages completely based upon influence and your growing stages. Take for example, I recently discovered Switchfoot’s song “Dare You To Move.” This song in particular speaks to me on such a high mental and emotional level. And, it just occurred to me that this song applies to people of all ages (:

Also, Rufus Wainwright’s “Hallelujah” has so much raw emotion that I just feel his passion in music. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am a piano, clarinet, and violin player? Ha. People passionate about music inspires me.

I don’t know how to explain it, but when I hear truly good music, there is that sudden rush I get. Have you experienced it yet? Don’t call me crazy, because people who love music and enjoys it wholly do get this feeling. Honestly, here is what good music is: a story that connects to you, an emotion that is raw, an emotion that transcends sound, and something that will always stay with you and stand the test of time, because real emotions and passion stay with us.

a portrait.



no regrets.

I want to have NO regrets.

… well, that’s what I’ve been thinking, BUT should somethings be  really regretted?

How much certainty IS there in life?

Don’t you sometimes feel like things are just MEANT to happen?

I want to believe, or my mind has compelled me to believe that things happen, they go away, and then move on with life, think that obstacle was just any obstacle. What we have to realize is that everything does happen for a reason, and when anyone mentions a cliche like that, some readers shut off their brain on some level. But right now, I want to expand on that saying.

In life, whether you want to face an obstacle or not, it’s always going to come back to you. So yes, everything does happen for a reason, in that we are MEANT to react to them, make them a part of our lives, and let it transform us into better people. Of course, that takes effort, and it is a daring effort.

We as people all fear failure, whether on our own part or on others’ parts that could affect us. But let me get this straight, before you can factor in anyone else’s influence into the happenings in your life, you have to get it right first. With all the media going on and the daily habituals things that does consume our lives, we forget to focus on our troubles. We no doubt want to forget about them and run away just to sit at the computer and take our minds off anything we don’t want to think about. Even as I am writing this post, I feel as though I am escaping from studying for my upcoming tests, but I have the excuse of telling you guys something I think is very important for a successful and happy life. This is down-to-earth talk, no hidden harms here. I promise (you lie!). Ha, no I don’t.

Life is just like a painting and there is uncertainty in what colors you will choose and how you want to paint the picture. The finished picture is never how you imagined it to be. That yellow turned out a bit darker and that dark blue turned out too bright. But in the end, your own hands have crafted this work. Your mind, your thoughts, and your actions have constructed the result. Oh! The paint has horrible quality and this shade of red is HIDEOUS. You could say that and complain. You could say that and do nothing about it. OR, you could get another bottle that would allow you to achieve the picture you want to have painted.

So, to answer my own question, a person should leave very little room for regrets. Do it right the first time. No adventure in that? Too safe? Well… think about the result if you chose the “dangerous” direction. Heh, not so pretty there.