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Don’t be too selfish, for it serves no real purpose. Advertisements



face yourself. don’t like it? fix it. – extinguishing that quality now is better than being afraid of it for the rest of your life. Ha, I should follow this myself first.

I like to get analytical. (:  So, I want to lay out the pros and cons of listening to music, because I love music! you know… .. that high you get from a song? .. that smile that gets wider from every second of listening to a song? .. that connection you feel to the […]

a portrait.


no regrets. I want to have NO regrets. … well, that’s what I’ve been thinking, BUT should somethings be  really regretted? How much certainty IS there in life? Don’t you sometimes feel like things are just MEANT to happen? I want to believe, or my mind has compelled me to believe that things happen, they […]

My view of the world is probably different from your view, because we are at different stages of our life, whether it is because of age, circumstances, etc. But, hopefully, you will find something that will mean at least a little to you. maybe view life at a different angle. you know what I think […]

you are Stubborn, Defensive, Negative. . but. Thank You for cooking a great and thoughtful breakfast every morning, even though i eat less than half . Thank You for packing lunch for me early every morning, even though you slept really late the other night . Thank You for telling me that my health is […]



all of my friends have depended on you, all of my loved ones now you turn your back on us and now you want to seperate from us. we love you and we have faith in you. because you are human, your emotions are coming back will resurrect you. have hope, because we can always […]