deep? you decide. I think this is very important actually (:


materialism is the saddest thing on earth; it is living in denial of the things important in life.

aren’t we just all lost souls, without a path to go on?

inevitably, people are on different levels of spiritual (and no, I am not a specialist on this subject) acceptance. Some people live in a world of materialism; some people value materialism and let it go once in a while, and some people almost completely disregard materialistic joy.

is that wrong? is that right? what is right? what is wrong?

Writing from a scientific – maybe not even wholly – point of view, the fittest survive. And the “survival of the fittest” is defined by the criteria of who can live the longest and have the most successful reproductive rates.

isn’t that our purpose too? NO.

that is not our full purpose, because we have BRAINS. We think and that can rightfully balance out our animalistic instincts. “Brain” has the connotation of logic, but more importantly, it includes emotional intelligence.

what is the point of living? We don’t know, because we are different from other creatures, but not that much different – but different enough to set us apart from the paths other animals have to take.

the world is so varied with different types of people who think and look different. No one can fully mirror our own philosophies, because what IS common in all of us is our emotions.

Ha, we are just creatures without real purpose who are trying to occupy ourselves with useless things such as the internet and business endeavors in order to survive. Now, the survival of the fittest is indirectly based on who can manipulate the other the best and who can recieve the most benefits using the most brutal methods.

It’s sick. It’s a sick cycle. We are stuck in thinking that if we don’t get the prize, others will. That is true, but sometimes we have so little faith that we are so ruthless, and all for WHAT?! to achieve the status of having the most power and money in the world?! WHY? so it FEELS good? How? That is living in fear, and to get rid of that fear, people often hurt others even more.

The universe is inevitably steering toward a direction with more and more disorder, but just like a room that can be cleaned, our actions can be fixed and our thoughts could be directed toward loving and giving.

I found out that happiness is not something that hard to achieve, let alone only through tons of money. Good attitude is key, but good morals are even more important.

It’s never to late to go back. It’s is never ever too late. There is always less people you can hurt.


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