music. PROS&CONS.


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I like to get analytical. (:  So, I want to lay out the pros and cons of listening to music, because I love music!

you know…

.. that high you get from a song?

.. that smile that gets wider from every second of listening to a song?

.. that connection you feel to the writer and singer of the song, as if the song were written just for you?

Music has so many pros, but I feel like sometimes it’s a big distractions. Eh, maybe it’s just me…THAT’S ABOUT IT! All the cons have been said. Ha. Now for the pros. I would guess people answered yes for most of the questions above and that is exactly WHY I love music.

However, music and I have a love-hate relationship. I am a big music lover. Hands down. Most of you guys probably don’t know how much of my life is music and the big reason is my childish desire to escape from my duties, as a student. It’s almost as if I purposely immerse myself in music and try to feel for it, try to understand it, and mostly, try to drown myself in another’s emotions. I admit, it is not the best thing to do, but what can you do? IT’S MUSIC for heaven sakes. I know that I am hopelessly dependent on music, and although this steers towards the more extreme side, I believe this is true for all self-called “music die-hards.”

But then, the power of music then really emerges. Nothing else can draw me so far away from what I have to do like how music can take me to the skies. I am trying to escape, but aren’t we all? It’s inevitable. So, I am glad that music is something that has the actual power to take me to a safe haven, where all I know is the music, the voice, and the story.

That’s another thing about music, finding good music can open up the our relationship to ourself and the people around us. Of course, music taste goes through stages completely based upon influence and your growing stages. Take for example, I recently discovered Switchfoot’s song “Dare You To Move.” This song in particular speaks to me on such a high mental and emotional level. And, it just occurred to me that this song applies to people of all ages (:

Also, Rufus Wainwright’s “Hallelujah” has so much raw emotion that I just feel his passion in music. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am a piano, clarinet, and violin player? Ha. People passionate about music inspires me.

I don’t know how to explain it, but when I hear truly good music, there is that sudden rush I get. Have you experienced it yet? Don’t call me crazy, because people who love music and enjoys it wholly do get this feeling. Honestly, here is what good music is: a story that connects to you, an emotion that is raw, an emotion that transcends sound, and something that will always stay with you and stand the test of time, because real emotions and passion stay with us.


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