a portrait.



no regrets.

I want to have NO regrets.

… well, that’s what I’ve been thinking, BUT should somethings be  really regretted?

How much certainty IS there in life?

Don’t you sometimes feel like things are just MEANT to happen?

I want to believe, or my mind has compelled me to believe that things happen, they go away, and then move on with life, think that obstacle was just any obstacle. What we have to realize is that everything does happen for a reason, and when anyone mentions a cliche like that, some readers shut off their brain on some level. But right now, I want to expand on that saying.

In life, whether you want to face an obstacle or not, it’s always going to come back to you. So yes, everything does happen for a reason, in that we are MEANT to react to them, make them a part of our lives, and let it transform us into better people. Of course, that takes effort, and it is a daring effort.

We as people all fear failure, whether on our own part or on others’ parts that could affect us. But let me get this straight, before you can factor in anyone else’s influence into the happenings in your life, you have to get it right first. With all the media going on and the daily habituals things that does consume our lives, we forget to focus on our troubles. We no doubt want to forget about them and run away just to sit at the computer and take our minds off anything we don’t want to think about. Even as I am writing this post, I feel as though I am escaping from studying for my upcoming tests, but I have the excuse of telling you guys something I think is very important for a successful and happy life. This is down-to-earth talk, no hidden harms here. I promise (you lie!). Ha, no I don’t.

Life is just like a painting and there is uncertainty in what colors you will choose and how you want to paint the picture. The finished picture is never how you imagined it to be. That yellow turned out a bit darker and that dark blue turned out too bright. But in the end, your own hands have crafted this work. Your mind, your thoughts, and your actions have constructed the result. Oh! The paint has horrible quality and this shade of red is HIDEOUS. You could say that and complain. You could say that and do nothing about it. OR, you could get another bottle that would allow you to achieve the picture you want to have painted.

So, to answer my own question, a person should leave very little room for regrets. Do it right the first time. No adventure in that? Too safe? Well… think about the result if you chose the “dangerous” direction. Heh, not so pretty there.


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