wait, so black is not A color?


at the speed of light

My view of the world is probably different from your view, because we are at different stages of our life, whether it is because of age, circumstances, etc.

But, hopefully, you will find something that will mean at least a little to you. maybe view life at a different angle.

you know what I think life IS? I see it as a world of complete blackness. We often only see the dark and evil side of life and humanity and forget the rainbow of colors that make up this black.

When we look at our life and predict its state decades later, we may feel like there is no sense of purpose, none at all. You may feel like life is just useless and we are meant for this big picture that does not really concern the individuals. Sometimes I look at my life and reflect, pondering the meaning of life. Hey, don’t stop yourself there, that is a good thing to ponder upon. For lack of better words, life would SUCK if one day you found yourself questioning the purpose of what you’ve been busily and blindly doing for the past twenty years. Before I sink in quick sand, I searched for my own answers, wondering exactly why we live.

Sure, the bigger picture is sometimes darkness, a place of no hope, no significance, and a place of possible suffering, and is always a path we can choose to walk. But what we don’t realize is the colors that make up the color black. These colors are the present; it’s each event that makes up our life. Then, we find out that the color black isn’t really one color, but it’s many beautiful and shining colors mixed together.

There isn’t really anything else to say about life. It’s really only about the now. Sure plan into the future, but don’t let it consume you. Let go and just LIVE in the present. Don’t be afraid to mess up in the future. Instead, focus on how not to mess up right now.

it’s SO CLICHED  to tell people to live in the present and enjoy life, but haven’t you ever tried it to really feel how that’s like? Just free yourself of past worries and future fears and live in the present and do what you have to do, only letting those fears and worries concern your present actions (meaning, ACT!). This can even get rid of your procrastination.

Focus on the present! Only when the present is done right can the future be bright.


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